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Yoga can set you on a path of knowledge and spiritual growth to realize the true essence of your being and find real meaning in your life..

Yoga is an eight step program developed over thousands of years.  

  • Personal observances (Yama and Niyamas) to guide our relationship to our environment and ourselves.
  • Stretch and strengthen (Asana) to find comfort and ease in the physical body.
  • Breathing practices (Pranayama) to energize, calm and cleanse the energy/mind body.
  • Direct the senses (Pratyahara)  instead of being controlled by them.
  • Focus the mind (Dharana)... for an extended period of time (Dhyana) to experience clarity and peace of mind. 
  • These steps can bring about a sense of joy and freedom (Samadhi) to the aspirant.
Ayurveda reminds us of our connection to nature and shows us how to live in harmony with the seasons of nature and the rhythms of our life. 

Ayurveda shares its roots with her sister science of yoga. They are both living sciences that teach proven ancient truths as well as new truths as they are discovered.  

The primary goal of Ayurveda is healing the mind and body.  The primary goal of yoga is realization of your true self. They work together perfectly because this realization is dependent upon a healthy mind and body. 

The things you do on a daily basis are the path to the achievement of your desires.
  • Discover your personal constitution (Dosha). 
  • Develop daily practices that are in tune with nature and your own personal make-up.   
  • These practices include sleep, diet, exercise, mental and spiritual development.  

For example, if there is too much heat in your digestion (e.g burning sensation) Ayurved can help you discover the qualities of spices and foods that are more cooling in nature.  Ayurved can also help you discover meditation and breathing to reduce stress and the accompanying discomfort.

​These are just a few examples of the practices offered.