BreathWorks Yoga
Jeanette Alosi
R.Y.T. / C.A.Y.S Himalayan Institute
As owner of BreathWorks Yoga Jeanette has been teaching mixed level classes for nearly two decades.  She teaches with compassion and encourages her students to enjoy the process.  Essentially students cultivate an awareness of body and breath that allows them to realize their areas of strength and weakness and with that knowledge bring about transformation for a healthier body, mind and spirit.

An introduction to yoga at a local health club sparked the initial flame in her heart.  Fueled by books, DVD’s and yoga classes that flame grew.  Her first yoga teacher encouraged her to deepen her practice. Jeanette became a registered yoga teacher by attending a 200 hour teacher training class presented at “Yoga and Health” in Bethlehem.  She found that sharing her knowledge of yoga with others was very rewarding and decided to continue to teach after completing the program.

In 2004, Jeanette combined yoga instruction with her career as a health professional and respiratory therapist.  She enjoys working with people and has a sincere interest in the well being of her students.  

Jeanette completed her 500 hour advanced training and certification at The Himalayan Institute and returns often for training, inspiration and support.  She is also influenced by the Viniyoga tradition and has attended seminars with Gary Kraftsow (Founder and Director of the American Viniyoga Instititute).   The eight limbed path of yoga; ethical practices, personal observances, poses, breath work, turning inward, focused awareness, meditation and Samadhi (Joy) are an integral part of these institutions and are woven throughout Jeanette’s classes.  

Again in 2015, she expanded her understanding of wellbeing by studying the Eastern holistic approach to healing and attained the HI Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Certification.  Her study of Ayurveda complements her yoga practice, broadens her perspective and benefits her students.

"My desire is to reduce suffering in myself and others by living and sharing the eight-limbed path of Yoga".

Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist
Certified Respiratory Therapist Technician